Yuendi Mak

Yuendi Mak is an innovative and contemporary interior designer who focuses on simplicity with an emphasis on cohesiveness and storytelling through her designs. She started her own design company, YUENDI design in 2010. Yuendi is passionate about living in balance with the environment and her concepts are driven by this passion while maintaining flow and harmony.

Siu - WAi Ho (CY)

Siu-Wai Ho believes our home is a place to find ourselves after a long day.  It is a place for us to decompress, relax and let the real you express itself.  He partnered with Yuendi in creating Yuendi Design.  His goal is to bring Yuendi’s award winning designs to their clients, allowing their inner self out expressively, and to create a home called “Home”.  Siu-Wai has a bachelor in Business Administration and a Master’s in Supply Chain Logistics at the University of Washington.   With 20 years of professional experience in running businesses, he seeks out appropriate and innovative solutions for Yuendi Design to branch out into other sectors such as customs design furniture and manufacturing.  He acts as a consultant to the firm and gives guidance and advice for the team.  His inspirational leadership led the team to seek opportunities to bring the firm to the next level.

Jessie CHi
-Interior Designer-

Jessie Chi is an Interior Designer who graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Her design philosophy is to be creative, be unlimited. She is responsible and always put efforts on coming up with great and unique designs. Jessie also enjoy travel around the world and desire to see and experience different things, which inspires her to create new designs.

Kenny Lim
-Interior Designer-

I am Kenny Lim, from Selangor, Malaysia. An interior designer who graduated from Savannah College Art and Design (SCAD). I explore creative, vibrant and playful concepts with organic forms and imaginative appeal. I focus on creating flows into the spaces through my minimal style designs and maximize the functionality of spaces. Sustainability and culture are the elements that I use to create functional, unique and meaningful design.

I’m always up for adventures. Fitness is big part of my life. I love scuba diving, hiking, playing basketball, swimming and boxing.

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Tel: 206.227.7618.

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